Things we like ….


[fruitful_ibox image=”” column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Silver & Green”]Silver & Green olives are prepared using beautifully wholesome, traditional Mediterranean methods by Dan, Rachel and their tiny little team in the Lakes. All their olives are naturally ripened and then hand picked, ready to be authentically cured. With no nasty chemicals used to speed up the process and certainly no pasteurisation – they are 100% natural, healthy and delicious.

[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox image=”” column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Ocelot Chocolate”]Ocelot Chocolate is a small business, based in Edinburgh, and is owned and run by Matt and Ish. We left our jobs as chefs to pursue our dream of having our own business and making the most delicious confectionery, in the purest way possible. We hand-make everything ourselves using only the highest grade organic and fair-trade produce, and we use ethical business practices in every way we can. We also draw and design all of our packaging and artwork ourselves. – Ish studied illustration at art school, and Matt has always loved art and graphic design – so this is a hugely important part of our business.

[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox image=”” column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Brown Bag Crisps” last=”true”]

Brown Bag Crisps are brought to you from our small family-run company in Surrey. We love potato crisps so much that we wanted to make what we believe to be the most delicious crisps out there!
Our crisps have taken many sleepless nights to perfect. It all started in our kitchen, where Phil could be found until the small hours cooking and seasoning potatoes until he found the perfect recipes. We have now moved to a far more suitable setting but the Brown Bag ethos remains the same – to produce delicious hand cooked potato crisps where the taste and crunch are never compromised.


[fruitful_ibox image=”” column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Artisan Kitchen”] We are passionate about preserves; we cheer about chutneys, are mad about marmalade and go silly over spreads. Jams are sticky and sweet, the perfect treat. And when life hands us lemons; well, we make luxurious lemon curd! We only use the very best natural ingredients of the highest quality. We don’t just believe a premium hand-picked crop makes the best produce – we know it. We know it because our jams and marmalades look incredible, smell divine, and taste sublime.

[/fruitful_ibox] [fruitful_ibox image=”” column=”ffs-three-one” title=”Prince & Sons Tea Co”]The starting point in creating these teas was that the ingredients had to be of the very highest quality. Ours, sourced from all over the world, are second to none.The blending of these ingredients into perfectly balanced delicious teas was an exhaustive process. Many weeks were spent endlessly tweaking to get them just right. However the final results speak for themselves and the blends are exceptional.



[fruitful_ibox image=”” =”ffs-three-one” title=”Cotswold Gold” last=”true”]Cotswold Gold was founded by Charlie Beldam in 2010, Charlie’s ambition was to develop a British alternative to olive oil that would be both healthy and sustainable. The company produces extra virgin cold pressed rape seed oil using seed grown on Charlie’s family farm in Gloucestershire. The oil is extracted using traditional cold pressing methods that preserve the nutritional content of the seed to create a delicately flavoured, vibrantly coloured oil.